Information on health and safety policies at Tourné Bilbao

If you are planning to do a tour with us within the next few weeks, you’ll surely have some doubts regarding the measures we are taking to protect ourselves from COVID 19.


We are fully committed to your health and safety and that is why we have established the following action protocols:

  • Group reduction: our groups are always small (up to 12 people) which reduces the risk of contagion.
  • Safety distance: During the tours we remain attentive to the safety distances between the participants and we recommend the distance between people if necessary.
  • Crowds: We try to avoid crowds on our tours by making small in-situ modifications to our tours.
  • Material cleaning: We thoroughly disinfect the materials we use during the guided tours.
  • Colaborators: We make sure that the collaborators we work with (restaurants, bars, etc.) also comply with security measures.
  • Guides: All of our guides have detailed information on security policies.
  • Quarantine: If one of our guides shows symptoms, we isolate her for 14 days.


We remind you that, until further notice, the use of masks is mandatory and the use of gloves highly recommended. In our tours we do not provide these items for safety, so you will have to bring your own. Of course, we have hydro-alcoholic gel for hand washing.


If we detect that someone on your tour has presented symptoms after it, we will send you an email to notify you so you can take action.

Likewise, for security reasons we will send you an email 14 days after your visit to know about your health. If you are well you can simply ignore it, but if not, we ask you to answer us so we can notify the other members of your tour (always anonymously).

Cancelations & modifications

If you have symptoms before starting the tour, we ask you, in consideration for the other participants, not to join the visit (remember that you can cancel or modify without cost until 24 hours before)

Further questions

If you have any questions that do not appear here, you can send us an email to