An exclusive Tourné for you and your partner, family or friends.

Would you prefer a private tour with your partner, family or friends? Are you looking for an incentive or teambuilding activity by bike which can be adapted to your needs?

Would you like your tour in French, Dutch or German? This is all very easy  with our private Tournés. Contact us and ask for a quote. A pintxos tour, an architecture tour or any Tourné can be arranged.


A good Bilbaíno belongs of course to the Athletic Club de Bilbao, a legendary club with a singular philosophy and many followers who form the big ´rojiblanco´ family.In this bike tour you will get to know the new Cathedral of Football, San Mamés and possibly the venue for UEFA Euro 2020.

But you also hear about the saint who whispered to the lions; Pichichi, the king of goals or the barge now resting in the Maritime Museum. We will  take you to where it all started in the 19th century and to where the triumphs of our team are celebrated today.


Are you looking for a different plan for you and your family? Have a fun time on the bike with the whole family while seeing the city from a different perspective. We will only be using bicycle lanes and traffic free areas throughout this tour as to ensure the safety of all. Besides our local expert guides, we have all the necessary material for a great family outing, from tandems, adult and kids bikes to child bike seats and trailers. Bicycle helmets are available for every family member and compulsory for children under 16 years of age.


Enjoy an exclusive pintxos tour by kickbike. The perfect way to discover the history of Bilbao and taste the great variety of pintxos that the Old Town has to offer. Our kickbikes are fun, orginal and ideal to move around the historical part of Bilbao. We will make five stops in different bars in true pintxo-pote style. Eat like a local and join us on this entertaining food tour.


Bilbao can be seen from different angles, but if there is one which is fundamental, it is the architectural evolution in the last decades. This architecture tour will offer you a global vision of the city´s trajectory in architecture and urban planning since its origins till the present day. Get to know iconic buildings such as the Guggenheim Museum, the Torre Iberdrola, San Mamés or Azkuna Zentroa firsthand.


Elke, la Guiri.

They say that people from Bilbao are born wherever takes their fancy, so Elke was born in New York, although she grew up in Belgium and Africa. When she discovered the pintxos, she

didn´t want to leave anymore and for over ten years she has been busy taking our visitors on a gastronomical adventure.

An expert in the art of eating and living well and a culture lover, Elke is your best guide to discovering Bilbao in one bite. Elke speaks English, French, Dutch and Spanish, so language won´t be a problem.

Favorite spot in Bilbao: you will find her on a pintxo-poteo in el Botxo.