What happens if my bike is stolen?

Tourné is not responsible in case of theft. All bikes are provided with an individual lock to be able to fix it to urban furniture. In the event of a theft, the customer is obliged to report it, notify the store, and assume an amount of 170 euros.

Is the use of a helmet mandatory?

No, while driving on urban roads, although it is recommended. On interurban roads it is mandatory, therefore, if you leave Bilbao you will have to put it on. If you come with children under 16 years old, they will have to wear a helmet. We have helmets available for all ages.

What requirements are necessary for bicycle rental?

Be overage.
Present a valid identity document during the rented period
Pay the amount at the time of the formalization of the contract.
Collect and return the material within the business hours of the company or as agreed.

What do the tours include?

The rental of equipment (bicycle, lock and helmet if required), the local guide and several hours of enjoyment in our company.

Is the experience valid for all ages?

Yes, we have equipment so that minors can enjoy the experience.

  • Seats (maximum 22 kg.) + Helmets.
  • Cargo bike for children.
  • Bicycles for children from 7 to 12 years old.

Can I cancel an experience?

Yes, assuming the cancellation costs:

  • From 7 to 3 days before: 25% of the rate.
  • Between 48 and 24 hours before: 50% of the rate.
  • In the last 24 hours: 100% of the rate.

What if I have an incident?

The lessee is solely responsible for damages caused to himself or to third parties due to the improper use of the material. Tourné has contracted a civil liability insurance that covers said damages if they are the result of a mechanical failure in the equipment.

Do you have to be a great cyclist to do our tours?

There is no reason to be. Our routes have different difficulties, but none are extremely difficult. City Tours are affordable for anyone who knows how to ride a bike, as we use the great bike path for most of the visit. As for the Seaside tours, they are somewhat more demanding due to their duration and because we leave Bilbao, but there aren´t hills to climb on these visits. In case of need we have electric bicycles for people who think they may have a problem, and if not, you can always do one of our Walking Tours around the town.

Can I bring my own bike on the tour?

No doubt! If you decide to do this, you have to notify us in advance and we will inform you of the price at which the visit will be made.

What happens if it rains or the weather is bad for the visit?

Bilbao´s weather is unpredictable. For this reason, if the rain does not give us a break, we will not force anyone to ride a bike in the rain. We will provide ponchos in case of rain and we will give the possibility to change the day of the visit or do it on foot, but in case this is impossible, we will refund the money in full to the clients who request it.

Of course, in case any of those present want to do the tour in the rain, the tour will be done.

Can the guide be tipped when the tour ends?

That is not asked! It is not mandatory, but the guides will be delighted to receive a bonus for their excellent work. And of course, there is no standard amount, you, the satisfied customers, are the ones who decide the amount.

What should I bring?

The best thing to enjoy the tour is to go with the right thing to it. Comfortable clothes and a camera are the perfect companions for our visits. But if you come loaded with jackets, backpacks or suitcases, don’t worry because you can carry them in the bike baskets or leave them free of charge in the store.

Is it safe to cycle in the city-center of Bilbao?

As we want our guided tours to be safe for all who do it, we try to circulate on cycle lanes and streets with little traffic to make this happen. In addition, if you need to use a road, car traffic is restricted to 30km throughout Bilbao, so that the risk is lower.

Is it possible to leave the bicycle in another collection place?

Tourné Bilbao is a local company that offers guided tours and bike rentals in Bilbao and we have no other offices or locations to deposit bikes after rentals. In regular tours, bicycles will have to be collected and deposited after the tour in our store, and in the case of private tours, transport to collect bicycles will be available for an extra price.

Can you leave Bilbao with the rental bikes?

Bilbao has much more to see than the city itself. The coast and its beaches, the suspension bridge or the mining area are places that are worth visiting by bike. That is why our bikes can be taken out of Bilbao without any problem. Of course, they will have to be returned to the store at the end of the rental.

Can bikes be rented for more hours than paid for when booking?

Of course. Once the bicycle is purchased in the store, the rentals can be extended while the store is open. The extra hour has a cost of 2 euros up to a maximum of 15 euros per full day (only in the case of normal bicycles). In case you want to extend the rent until the next day, you will have to pay the 24-hour rate.

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